SmartOrchestra SmartOrchestra to win new endorser at FIWARE conference in Malaga

FIWARE is an open source eco-system to offer solutions e.g. for Smart Cities. More than 1.000 companies are already engaged at FIWARE and a larger number will meet for the FIWARE summit in Malaga from Dec 13-15. Cleopa GmbH, a partner of the SmartOrchestra consortium, is also participating in the summit and will discuss application and services connected to Smart Cities and SmartOrchestra project.

SmartOrchestra @ FIWARE summit Malaga 2016

The FIWARE project is a success for all stakeholders in Smart Cities, as they are enabling new smart services and new platform to communicate interoperable. Malaga (Spain) will be the world FIWARE capital for three days from Dec 13-15 2016 and host more than 2.000 expected participants. In different tracks current activities will be presented and discussed and new business and research collaboration will be enabled.

As the SmartOrchestra projects offers such platform services for energy aspects in Smart Cities this venue will be good to raise awareness for the SmartOrchestra solutions concept and also discuss how to extend and to enrich services for the stakeholders in Europe.

Cleopa GmbH is a partner in the SmartOrchestra project and also starting to operate FIWARE based services. Based on Fiware, the open source platform, Cleopa will develop and test new use-cases.

Detlef Olschewski from Cleopa will participate and discuss with many experts the SmartOrchestra concept to support different groups of stakeholders in their decisions and activities. Some of the services are complementing to ideas from the other experts and it will be discussed in separate meetings how it will be possible to include the SmartOrchestra platform into other use-cases.

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